Our first day on the road and our first “camp” site. I’m gazing out on this beautiful landscape of golden grass fading to rock outcrops and further in the distance, shadowed purple hills. There is not a sound in the world.

On our way here, we stopped at a roadside picnic area for a fabulous lunch put together by Colin from Dalton House where we stayed last night. By “we” I mean Marty and me. Marty is from Kentucky and is delightful. It’s her first time in Africa and her enthusiasm is contagious.

Today on the road from Windhoek, we saw aurochs, springbok, spring something, jackals, zebra, ground squirrels, slender mongoose and knock-knock beetles…not to mention a large number of birds: weaver, goshawk, babbler, doves, guinea hens, and the ubiquitous pigeon.

We ended up here with our guide Jason from Wilderness Travel. I did try to stump him on all he knows about birds, rocks, and plants. I found some type of weed on the side of the road that he couldn’t name. However, he did have an excellent excuse…it’s been ten years of drought for Namibia and this last year they finally got a substantial amount of rain…thus new plants had sprouted up.

We are settled in here for two nights then on the road again. The cabins are creative and lovely and have all amenities you would need. Great food and people. It turns out that Jason’s father designed and had built Camp Sousa.

Sleeping on the deck under the stars tonight…hot water bottle and all.

It was a bit of a pain getting here but now that we’re settled in, the pain was definitely worth it. What beautiful sunsets and no lights to dim the stars. Venus and Mars are hanging around now.

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Our first evening at Camp Soussa at Soussavlei:

Sitting here in my little cabana looking out at the glorious landscape.

What a delightful “camp”. Built by our guide Jason’s father Camp Soussa is a wonder. Very innovative design and the camp disappears into the landscape. Excellent food, very comfortable cabins and sleeping under the stars on the “balcony” was amazing. We’re here for two nights, heading out daily for wildlife spotting.

The guys at Camp Soussa saw a large leopard on the plain in front of us and we went out to see if we could find him…to no avail. Lots of footprints but no leopard. We can view Springbok, Oryx (Namibia’s national animal) and Zebra who come to the pond to drink at night. No internet here…another blessing.

A Sociable Weaver nest (shared nesting)

It seems I’m gaining a reputation for gin and tonics after a “hard” day on the road. They do taste pretty nice after a warm shower to get all the dust off. My traveling partner Marty is a vegetarian (or pescatarian) so the chefs have been coming up with some delightful dishes for her. In fact, I’m thinking of switching to veggies as well.

This second night I’m planning on sleeping indoors. The stars were just too distracting.

Camp Soussa dining
Construction with all local material
Two days just not enough
Landscape and Geologic Heaven
Tic-Tac-Toe anyone?
Heading out again

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I tell you, one really has to want to travel to Namibia because it is a bitch getting here. I’m sitting here in Frankfurt waiting for my connecting flight to Windhoek which will take place at 10PM tonight. I’ve been here since 10AM after a 10 hour flight. The next flight takes 10 hours. And, finally I will be in Windhoek, Namibia. So, 30+ hours, not including getting to the airport 2 hours early. Yikes!

I’m still excited, believe it or not. Namibia has been on my bucket list for a long time. There’s something fascinating about the landscape and the desert animals and the remoteness. I’m meeting up with a group from Wilderness Travel for their Giraffe Conservation Foundation program and safari which they run every two years. The “group” consists of two: me and Marty (from Kentucky). It seems a bit crazy to run a “tour” with only two individuals but I guess the giraffes really need our money! With the Covid variants still making the rounds, peeps are just not taking the chance that plans will be cancelled. Unfortunately or fortunately, I seem to be a risk-taker of sorts.

We’ll spend two days with the giraffe, helping with tracking and tagging and who knows what else. I think I’ll be doing more looking than acting. We’ll see. We’ll be flying over the Skeleton Coast, sledding down the dunes (?), catching glimpses of desert elephants, rhinos, etc.; sleeping under the stars. Also, I’m looking forward to Twyfelfontein with pre-historic sandstone rock art…the largest and finest petroglyphs in Africa supposedly.

Well, my travel buddy just texted me and she’s here in Frankfurt as well. But she doesn’t have an ongoing boarding pass to Windhoek for some god-awful reason. Anyway, I guess she’s dealing with that. She only has 5 more hours to figure it out…almost enough time to travel back to the East Coast to get one. I haven’t met her yet and I’m sure she’s just as concerned as I with getting along since we’re the only ones on this safari…for 2 weeks!! I hope our guide is able to put up with us.

More later…

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It seems we’re on an upswing…so I hope everyone is hanging in there and looking forward to July 4th! Restaurants are opening, museums are opening and Spring is here. I’ve been walking alot and lovin’ being outside by the Bay. I have a few pics to share with you.

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I hope everyone is surviving out there and breathing a little easier. Four years of insomnia are ready to be put to bed. In light of being lighter here are some cheery photos I’ve taken over the last few months.

Oh, wait…not so cheery…and not so recent. I’ll try to be better.

There, is that better?

Apologies for those 70+ million who did not get their way. But please, just suck it up.

If you remember, there was even a greater percentage who were disappointed in 2016 and we made it through these last four years. So, anything is possible. Try to mend the bridges, welcome your libtards back into your family and let’s all support our new/old President, Joe Biden and our new/young Vice President, Kamala Harris.

We are all part of this wonderful history.

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Wandering around within my self-imposed boundaries, not much has changed. Yes, folks are being pretty good about distancing and wearing masks to protect their neighbors and reduce the spread of the coronavirus but, as always, there are the put-upon with very little consideration for others. Oh well, just a reflection of intelligence and carelessness.

Anyway, enough about that. I am still loving getting outside and walking around taking pictures of scenery and people. Hope you enjoy some of the offerings.

At the Arboretum…mom and kits

Bye for now…it won’t be long before we can meet in person

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Yes, we’re into month four of hibernation…everyone jonesin’ for personal contact. Even though I’m pretty comfortable on my own it’s very different when being told what to do…even for your own health and others. It reminds me a bit of the isolation when in the Peace Corps. A bit of pacing and wandering around with no real purpose; having limited choices for dining; suffering with my own cooking (or whatever you call it); relying on sparse electronic communication, etc. Waaaah…

Just wanted to get that out of my hair…so enough complaining. I’m living in one of the most beautiful places in the world with the ability to get outside and enjoy nature…which seems to be thriving with we (us?) polluters sequestered. On my recent walks around the Bay spring is in full bloom and here are some pics to entice you.

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay...wasting time. You looking at me? 

And, I couldn’t help but add this photo from far far away and a long time ago…Nepal (reminds me to go take a shower today)

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This is crazy but it’s been 20 years since I traveled with my sister (Kathleen…see above heading) to Nepal. Looking over the photos from that trip it seems I wasn’t really there. The only proof is one picture that I guess K took of me (not included). So, really, it was Kathleen’s trip and she’s in the foreground of many a photo. It appears as if she had a good time.

I recommend Nepal to anyone who has a chance to go. We were on a National Geographic trip with about 20 people which started in Kathmandu. We hiked through a myriad of small villages, rafted along a river to a Gurkha lodge, flew to Annapurna and visited a school. At the end of the trip we made our way to Tiger Tops where we rode (and bathed) elephants. I guess riding on elephants is a bit frowned on now but it sure was fun.

Enjoy the show.

Mount Everest

Beating the bush on our way to camp
Looking for Tiger King
Our Luggage Carrier
Yes, this is Kathmandu…B.C.V. I wonder if it’s cleared up now?
Just to end on a higher note.
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Come join me on my trip to the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, and Lake Manyara

Coming of Age…me not them.
Not a velvet painting
One of my faves…all dressed up and everywhere to go.
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How long has it been?  What day is it?  Who’s that person in the mirror?  What crazy thing can I do today?

Well, I decided to get my old…and I do mean old…slides out to see what the heck was happening in day’s (daze) past.  Back to the future of 1989 and my first trip to the African continent.  Now, my slide projector does not have a USB port or the like, so I set out to convert the slides (slides are kind of like film (film is what used to be used in cameras (cameras are big clunky things that you use to take pictures with))).  I unwrapped my slide converter that I had bought about 8 years ago to complete this project.  Who knew if it would work to get those slides into a digital format and load it up on my Mac?

Well, here are the results…this first batch is from Egypt (1989)  Enjoy.



Dusk at the Pyramids



Mother and Child



A parade?




Valley of the Queens



A stolen pic Valley of the Kings




Our Guide and fellow travelers


Before cabin fever





Walk like an Egyptian


Our Egyptologist & Cool Guy



Ah!  Still some color after 3500 years



Those Christians!



What Cairo looked like in 1989…any change?





Everywhere futbol



A dangerous boarding



A fellow traveler



Feluccas on the Nile




Duck!  or be dinner…at least I think that’s the interpretation


Heeby Jeeby at Abu Simbal…hope their prayers were answered…see adjacent photo…


Abu Simbal



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