At soussavlei

Amazing dunes. I mean these are really dunes! The largest and oldest in the world. Really hard to contemplate or describe. The largest national park in the world. Couldn’t quite make it climbing Big Daddy but Marty and Jason went ahead. I walked around thinking I might meet them at Dead Vlei but even that seemed a bit much. Just couldn’t make it over that last ridge.

So, walked around and took in the visual feast. It’s so quiet and peaceful. Not a sound.

Had a sleepless night which probably didn’t help my stamina. But sleeping out under the stars was beautiful. I’m reading The Book of Disquiet by Pessoa and marveling at the manner in which he captures the duality of personality. I find myself shaking my head yes at his apt descriptions and revelations.

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  1. Kathleen says:

    Sounds amazing

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