Oh, no…Covid!

We’ve been on safari for two weeks in Namibia and having a grand old time. We’re back in Windhoek and had our Covid tests in the morning and went downtown for some shopping and museum visits. Back to the guest house to sit around and wait for our early morning flight to home.

Bam! Test results were returned and guess what…positive for Covid. Hoping this was a false positive we’re opting for the quick test which, of course, will cost about $200. My hopes are fading a bit as both me and my traveling partner tested positive. If it was a false positive it seems one of us would be OK.

So planning for Plan B which would be getting to Germany without a test and just the vaccine card (vaccinated back in February) to at least get to Germany and then if they make us quarantine we would have to stay in Germany for 10+days before heading for home.

But now I’m thinking about it, maybe it’s better to isolate here in Windhoek. Decisions, decisions. I guess I need to wait for the quick test.

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1 Response to Oh, no…Covid!

  1. Kathleen says:

    Oh no. Stay positive or should I say negative. Anywho let us know

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