Namibia…here I come

I tell you, one really has to want to travel to Namibia because it is a bitch getting here. I’m sitting here in Frankfurt waiting for my connecting flight to Windhoek which will take place at 10PM tonight. I’ve been here since 10AM after a 10 hour flight. The next flight takes 10 hours. And, finally I will be in Windhoek, Namibia. So, 30+ hours, not including getting to the airport 2 hours early. Yikes!

I’m still excited, believe it or not. Namibia has been on my bucket list for a long time. There’s something fascinating about the landscape and the desert animals and the remoteness. I’m meeting up with a group from Wilderness Travel for their Giraffe Conservation Foundation program and safari which they run every two years. The “group” consists of two: me and Marty (from Kentucky). It seems a bit crazy to run a “tour” with only two individuals but I guess the giraffes really need our money! With the Covid variants still making the rounds, peeps are just not taking the chance that plans will be cancelled. Unfortunately or fortunately, I seem to be a risk-taker of sorts.

We’ll spend two days with the giraffe, helping with tracking and tagging and who knows what else. I think I’ll be doing more looking than acting. We’ll see. We’ll be flying over the Skeleton Coast, sledding down the dunes (?), catching glimpses of desert elephants, rhinos, etc.; sleeping under the stars. Also, I’m looking forward to Twyfelfontein with pre-historic sandstone rock art…the largest and finest petroglyphs in Africa supposedly.

Well, my travel buddy just texted me and she’s here in Frankfurt as well. But she doesn’t have an ongoing boarding pass to Windhoek for some god-awful reason. Anyway, I guess she’s dealing with that. She only has 5 more hours to figure it out…almost enough time to travel back to the East Coast to get one. I haven’t met her yet and I’m sure she’s just as concerned as I with getting along since we’re the only ones on this safari…for 2 weeks!! I hope our guide is able to put up with us.

More later…

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2 Responses to Namibia…here I come

  1. Andrew Wittman says:

    Poor Marty…she doesn’t know what she’s in for.

  2. Kathleen says:

    So exciting. With u in spirit. Travel on oh brave one

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