It’s an Adventure

Where is everyone going? Aeroporto; Treno; Autobus, Metro

Bustle bustle bustle. Everyone has a different suitcase. Rolly bag, backpack, fanny pack, cell phone.

Everyone looking at their hands whereby they hold their magic little computer. Whoops, just missed you. What if everyone stopped for 1 minute all over the world and looked up for just that minute. And, instead of moving on, they said hello to whomever was next to them…and then went the opposite way. Chaos. 7 Billion+ people and everyone an individual with a different suitcase. No two alike. How does that happen?

My mantra…it’s an adventure, it’s an adventure, it’s an adventure. I keep saying that to myself (well, actually out loud) so that I can maintain a veneer of calm. It does help with the travel experience. It’s always nice to get somewhere but a bastard getting there. It’s an adventure.

Just back to Rome from Ischia via ferry, train and bus. Thought to pick up Uber from the train at Central Station, Rome but the fare was 2.3x the normal. Decided the 1.5 euros on the bus was a better deal…even with luggage.

I recommend #Ischia…a cheaper version of Capri. Great beach, reasonable food, good shopping and a fantastic thermal bath spot at #Negombo. Seems like it belongs in Africa with that name, but it’s on this small resort island off the coast of Naples (very near Capri) about 35 minutes by ferry. Many pools…thermal and sea water…cool and warm…bubbly and still…all in a lovely setting of trees, walkways, and steppes on a small bay with a fine sand beach. I could definitely see coming here for a rest and spending a full day of relaxation, massage, and spas.