My Journey to Namibia

Featuring Marty & Jason

From San Francisco to Frankfurt to Windhoek only takes 30 hours or so (including the 10 hour layover in the deserted Frankfurt airport). However it was worth it!

This was a Wilderness Travel journey with just me and Marty, where we met for the first time in the airport at Frankfurt. Little did we know how our adventure would play out. The purported reason for the trip was in support of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation. You can get more detail in my previous posts as to how this worked out.

Jason (a native Namibian) was our wonderful guide through this wonder land. Not to be missed.

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3 Responses to My Journey to Namibia

  1. Kathleen says:

    U saw and photographed so many animals. I feel like I was there Awesome

  2. Oh great shots Diana 💗

  3. Oh great shots Diana 💗 awesome 😎

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