Camp Soussa

Our first day on the road and our first “camp” site. I’m gazing out on this beautiful landscape of golden grass fading to rock outcrops and further in the distance, shadowed purple hills. There is not a sound in the world.

On our way here, we stopped at a roadside picnic area for a fabulous lunch put together by Colin from Dalton House where we stayed last night. By “we” I mean Marty and me. Marty is from Kentucky and is delightful. It’s her first time in Africa and her enthusiasm is contagious.

Today on the road from Windhoek, we saw aurochs, springbok, spring something, jackals, zebra, ground squirrels, slender mongoose and knock-knock beetles…not to mention a large number of birds: weaver, goshawk, babbler, doves, guinea hens, and the ubiquitous pigeon.

We ended up here with our guide Jason from Wilderness Travel. I did try to stump him on all he knows about birds, rocks, and plants. I found some type of weed on the side of the road that he couldn’t name. However, he did have an excellent excuse…it’s been ten years of drought for Namibia and this last year they finally got a substantial amount of rain…thus new plants had sprouted up.

We are settled in here for two nights then on the road again. The cabins are creative and lovely and have all amenities you would need. Great food and people. It turns out that Jason’s father designed and had built Camp Sousa.

Sleeping on the deck under the stars tonight…hot water bottle and all.

It was a bit of a pain getting here but now that we’re settled in, the pain was definitely worth it. What beautiful sunsets and no lights to dim the stars. Venus and Mars are hanging around now.

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  1. Kathleen says:

    What a lovely story. It’s sounds magical.

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