Camp Soussa

Our first evening at Camp Soussa at Soussavlei:

Sitting here in my little cabana looking out at the glorious landscape.

What a delightful “camp”. Built by our guide Jason’s father Camp Soussa is a wonder. Very innovative design and the camp disappears into the landscape. Excellent food, very comfortable cabins and sleeping under the stars on the “balcony” was amazing. We’re here for two nights, heading out daily for wildlife spotting.

The guys at Camp Soussa saw a large leopard on the plain in front of us and we went out to see if we could find him…to no avail. Lots of footprints but no leopard. We can view Springbok, Oryx (Namibia’s national animal) and Zebra who come to the pond to drink at night. No internet here…another blessing.

A Sociable Weaver nest (shared nesting)

It seems I’m gaining a reputation for gin and tonics after a “hard” day on the road. They do taste pretty nice after a warm shower to get all the dust off. My traveling partner Marty is a vegetarian (or pescatarian) so the chefs have been coming up with some delightful dishes for her. In fact, I’m thinking of switching to veggies as well.

This second night I’m planning on sleeping indoors. The stars were just too distracting.

Camp Soussa dining
Construction with all local material
Two days just not enough
Landscape and Geologic Heaven
Tic-Tac-Toe anyone?
Heading out again

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