Traveling in the Time of Covid

From Windhoek, Namibia to Frankfurt: OMG, what a pain in the ass. How many security checks must we go through. Poor Marty couldn’t carry her bag on as it weighed too much. I tried to put it on my ticket but they said I was allowed two carry-ons but they couldn’t be more than 8 pounds each. Her one bag weighed 15 pounds. But they just couldn’t add I guess.

Then they took her fingernail scissors. She also had to get her ticket rewritten for some god-awful reason. She wasn’t the only one.

We went through a passport check, a covid check, another check, a security check, an immigration check, and then at the gate another hand carry check.

At least the flight was on time…so far. However this was after they canceled the flight we were supposed to be on yesterday. And then the connecting flight was just left as is, so that I would arrive 3 hours after the connecting flight took off. We had to take it on ourselves to rebook our connections and that was not too easy. I tried United and they said I had to call Lufthansa. They weren’t able to transfer me to an agent. After a frustrating afternoon I finally was able to chat with an agent who rebooked on the next available flight which was…yes, you guessed it…a day later. So Transit Hotel here I come.

Lufthansa is a mess! And what’s the deal with code share and partners?…yes, I’m talking about you United. In name only…just a marketing tool. One carrier is not talking to the other. Bad marks all around. Just breathe…

I will be home in about 30 hours. You’ve really got to want to travel these days. The travel arrangements can leave a nasty finale to a lovely and enlightening adventure.

And then there was the debacle with the Covid test coming home. The Lab folks came to our guest house which was fine. Results in 6 hours. So far, so good. Six hours later the test came through and guess what? Positive!!!!

Panic! Our calm host Colin at the guest house got on the phone and called for them to return and do a quick test as it just seemed impossible that we would be positive. They returned and said they would not charge us again if we tested negative. I was not holding out much hope as both of us had tested positive. We tried to enjoy dinner and we’re trying to figure out where we could have picked it up…and who to blame. Where would we stay for quarantine, etc.

At 9:30pm, 10 hours before our flight the results came through. Negative! Relief 😮‍💨. So up this morning at 3:30 for a 4:30 pick up and this @&$#%! flight. So, traveler be warned. Retest if it seems wrong…don’t give up!

Anyway sitting here listening to the warnings to keep distance from fellow passengers and to wear a mask at all times. The guy opposite me is coughing but at least there’s no one sitting next to me. He’s got some kind of letter from his doctor saying he needn’t wear a mask. Well, the German pilot was having none of it and asked him in a very loud voice so all the passengers could hear if he was going to comply. Meekly, the guy said yes and I only saw him slip it off a few times. Bad boy.

OK now we are delayed because a container was damaged and they had to offload it and I guess load another one. Not sure…maybe my luggage is in it. 😑

And now we are waiting for another plane to arrive before we can leave. They only allow one plane on the tarmac at a time here in Windhoek. Get it together folks!!

OMG. Now the boarding stairs won’t move and they are working on it. Whaaaat? The pilot said at least we had a view of the other plane arriving. He must be going nuts.

Is Namibia a 3rd world country? Or as Mr. Orange put it…a shithole country?

Now it seems the hydraulics in the stairs won’t move. The power evidently isn’t working. And now they’ve called (or just woken up) the Lufthansa engineer who may or may not be on his way. Can’t move the plane!! It’s now going on 1 hour.

OK. Now the stairs are moved. Let’s see what else happens. Finally only an hour late, we’re on our way. The plane is quite empty. No wonder they canceled the previous flight as Marty and I were probably the only ones on it. Shame, Lufthansa.

It’s an adventure!

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