Algerian & Tunisian Highlights

Closing out my 2022 travels was a trip to the northern Africa countries Algeria and Tunisia. I “had” to make a stop in Lisbon prior to joining my favorite travel partner Andrew in Algiers. So, from Lisbon which is not that far from Algiers I had a one hour transfer through Paris. Once arriving in Algiers I met up with a small group of 10 traveling under Geographic Expeditions auspices. I have to say it was an eclectic group of very well-traveled people. Not many journey to Algeria so this seems to be one of those bucket list countries for some. Why did I go? Mainly for the fabulous Roman ruins in both countries! Enjoy the pictures and slideshows below.

This is a typical town center – this one in Sousse, Algeria

‎⁨Testour⁩, ⁨Béja⁩, ⁨Tunisia⁩ – the last of our Roman ruins.

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2 Responses to Algerian & Tunisian Highlights

  1. Andrew says:

    These photos look great!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing a beautiful experience that you had with Andrew and Beautiful People of Algerian & Tunisian it looks like a wonderful place to visit all the architectural of the churches and the bridges it was awesome to see thank you so much I will share this with my friends and wish that one day I me and Kathleen visit there. Oh and sister I love you so much and you have a wonderful day I think about you a lot now you’re definitely more closer to my heart mahalo.

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