Basque Country continued…

I’m not sure what I expected but guess I’m guilty of nostalgia or just plain ignorant. (Yes, I know.). I’m picturing peasants and dirndls and folk dancing and rolling hills and well, “Country”. Who knows? Who knew? It’s a happening place with many, many tourists and a party atmosphere. Beachgoers, surfers, boaters.

San Sebastián/Donostia

Wow! Pow! Wham! Fireworks to close the Summer Festival. Thousands of people, hundreds of boats of every size in the Bay. Fireworks at 11:45pm. Then to the bars. Moms and Dads rocking the strollers back and forth, a drink on the table and a cigarette in hand. Still going on at 3am.

Next Morning – noon arisal. At the Patisserie: cortada and jamon and quiejo croissant. Hilarious, a guy picking out chocolates. He wanted an exact piece even though they were all the same type and batch. He picked out a dozen. Cute. And made the clerk organize them in an specific order in the box.

There is a crazy beach scene. Amazing weather. My stay in the old town, mindful of Lisbon. They have an excellent eclectic museum Telmo. I went on a lovely eco farm tour…solo with a sweet guide. She met me at a botanical restaurant where she treated me to a yummy smoothy. Then on a short train ride to the farm.

Now on to dinner at a Basque restaurant. Non pintxo. Rice with clams, ribs, red wine. They brought me a bottle. Hope I didn’t buy the whole thing. Oh well. One can’t complain about the food here.

Several people suggested I take a little stroll via the St. James Way…part of the Compostela de Santiago pilgrims journey. Well, forget the “walk” to Praia. Thinking a nice stroll along the shore with maybe a few steps. Yikes. I’m only half way there on a 6km walk and it’s been one and one half hours. I’ve got to start mentioning my age when someone suggests a scenic walk. Ha!

Meeting up with lots of French people coming my way. We’re pretty close to the border. Someone carrying an infant in his back. Others with major backpacks. Kids just hopping from one rock to another. People zooming past me. Oh, look! There’s someone actually resting.

Finally here in Praia (3 1/2 hours)…took a tiny passenger ferry across to a little village. Precious. Still could have gotten here by bus which is certainly how I’m getting home. I did learn one thing…I’m never taking the Camino de Santiago. This walk I took is just 6km of that trail. Good sampling.

Lunching at the only restaurant that wasn’t full and a little concerned. Not to worry. Quite delicious. Ordered the 20E menu with a Capricious Salad and Duck Magret and Cider. Wow, sour. Evidently a big deal here. Made my mouth pucker. 6% alcohol. Good olives. Starting to feel human.

Evidently Victor Hugo stayed here as there is a museum dedicated to him. Well, back to San Sebastián via the bus. Won’t do that again.

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