My animal instincts…

Maybe a bit too much traveling? After my stay in the Basque Country (read previous issue) my next stop was the Azores. I miscalculated a bit, however, by flying to Lisbon to unpack and repack and fly out within 7 hours. Definitely no sleep this time. Anyway, that done, I headed to Terceira Island in the middle of the Atlantic. Again, not sure what to expect but maybe something interesting. If you are a hiker or swimmer or philosopher then this is a lovely place full of beautiful lava formations and swimming holes and plenty of time to ponder your belly-button. But if you’re looking for any culture, conversation or good food, maybe not. It’s very quiet and very empty and on the down-low.

Flores Island from the Zodiac returning from Corvo – not to be missed

Corvo caldera – take the minibus up and walk down (1 hour)

Graciosa Island

Swimming Hole on Terceira Island

Terceira Island – an inland man-made lake with cute duckies

Looking up from the volcanic tube in Terceira

After Terceira Island I headed to Graciosa and now in Flores where I made a RIB (rigid-hulled inflatable boat) trip to the island of Corvo where there is even less to do. But, again, if you are looking for scenery and sun and water, it is a beautiful place. I do recommend the trip on the “Zodiac”. Even with it being a cloudy day it was fun bouncing over the waves with 16 other people in very happy states of being. It really is the ONLY thing to do in Flores.

Anyway, rather than going on about how boring this place is I thought it would be nice to meet my four or two footed friends I’ve come across in the Azores on my various nature walks. A little limited in conversation but so darn cute!

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