Catching up…

Thoughts from Rome:

How can people talk soooo much. Sitting here outdoor at a restaurant in Trastevera after a delicious saltimboca romana. The woman next to me from England has not stopped talking. Amazing. Of course, I guess I talk a lot too but I only have myself to bore. She’s with her husband who seems about 90…he picks up a cigarette ignoring her blabbing. There’s a young woman with them..don’t know her role but she was kind enough to get up and smoke in the street. She seems a bit tired of them but maybe she’s a tour guide they hired and has to put on a good face.

You meet people in the strangest places. Ha ha, I met someone in the toilet of the Vatican museum who was from Oklahoma City. A fellow Okey. I restrained myself from asking if she voted for Trump. People seem to take the 5th when you bring it up.

Visited the Botanical Gardens today. A nice break but I am sweating and hot. Should have just had a drink…oh, wait a minute, I am having a drink. My extremities are killing me after yesterday’s walking but with a little wine it’s helping. Off to the forum, I think.

Had to make a stop at Tre Scalini and have a Tartuffo and Brandy. Lots of peeps. I come here every time in Rome. The first time I was 20, so that’s almost a half-century ago. The restaurant is still there. Prices and portions are a bit different now. Grazie mille Europe on $10 day.

Go at your own pace. Any time I overextend I’m regretful. There are so many cafes and bars and restaurants, one doesn’t have to travel very far to sit down again. It’s important to take advantage of that especially when you’re approaching 70. I wish that I would listen to myself more. Take a pedicab or Uber or a taxi. Don’t tax yourself (let the government do that) and enjoy. Lucky lucky lucky. Count your lucky stars.

Oh dear, getting maudlin with a guitarist strumming Let it Be. That Remy did me in.

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