What is it about taxi drivers?

Well, it happened again. Taxis for Trump. Now this fellow (and it was a fellow) was from Bulgaria where, he said, they had ruined his country. He had been in Isle of Man for 4 1/2 years and would never return to Bulgaria. I neglected to ask him if he would migrate to Russia under Putin. Lost opportunity!

Driving taxis wasn’t his goal and he had applied to the University here to get his degree in IT. His commentary went on for the length of our 10 minute drive from the ferry. He was definitely a Trump guy and realized he couldn’t vote but that Trump was “good” for his people. Obama was weak; Hillary was a Communist, Trump was strong. Where did he get his information? Yes, you guessed it, the World Wide Web. He overcharged me on the taxi ride, going the long way around as it turned out. Might have known…those Bulgarian guys…Ha.

I wished him well with his education and hoped he learned something about politics. He took the comment well…and scoffed.

It just goes to show you that people stay in their corners no matter what. There’s no consideration of another point of view. We are in our tribes/cults…whatever. An excellent opinion piece in the Guardian says it better than I. The Death of Truth…, July 14, 2018.

Let it Be, Let it Be. Off to Liverpool.

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