England: London and overdosing on Theatre

Great luck with seeing Mark Rylance and Andre Holland in Othello at the Globe. Standing in the Returns line for about an hour, a young woman came up and sold me a single gallery ticket for 20 euros. It was opening night, so this was amazing luck to actually have a seat.

It was a fantastic performance as you can imagine. Earlier that day, assuming I wouldn’t be able to get a ticket for Othello, I stood in line for and hour for the matinee of Hamlet. And I got one of those as well. It was for the floor and one has to stand up (NO Sitting!) for the whole 2 1/2 hours, with intermission. That cost me only 5 euros and was well worth it. A great production. I managed the whole day (5 hours + 2 hours in line) and was very thankful that I was able to have a seat during Othello.

The night before I went to see The Book of Mormon which is quite hilarious as long as you’re not religious. It’s a mockery of all religions as I saw but, of course, mostly The Church of the Latter Day Saints. Some very clever wordplay but a little too many poop songs for my taste.

Of course, I went to the British Library so I could view the manuscripts that we had discussed at Oxford. And the British Museum and the V&A Museum. All terrific. I didn’t run across any great restaurants in the five days I was there but I really wasn’t looking for a food scene. And I was spoiled in Scotland last month.

Going home…to Lisbon, that is. Stay tuned. My traveling year isn’t over yet.

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