Mallorquin Magic

Boy, this is getting boring. One beautiful place after another. They say you can’t go home again and I’m not sure that one would want to. The Balearic Islands which include Mallorca and Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentara are situated off the Spanish coast. I had the good fortune to spend some time with friends who have lived in Mallorca for 40+ years. It was like having a vacation inside my year-long vacation.

Of course it didn’t help that I barely lifted a finger, was chauffeured around to see all sides of the island and some hidden gems from Port de Pollenca to Alcudia to Valdemossaand Deia. In Valdemossa, it’s worth a visit to the Carthusian Monastery which was founded in 1399 by King Manuel. The monastery (church, cloister and cells) has been converted into a museum with a chemist shop, a library and has collections from Chopin and George Sands who stayed there in two “cells” for an extended time once it was privatized.In the chemist shop can be found original contents in the medicine containers.Tres interessant.

We also had a run at the Joan Miro atelier and museum which is in Palma (Marivent) and worth a visit.Before our Miro visit we had a lovely lunch over the sea at the Il Paradiso in Marivent just outside of Parma. The view can’t be beat but the prices can. There’s lots to see in addition to the sea. It was pretty hard to leave but leave I did. Doreen & Pepe treated me too well. I will return. Pepe’s Paella was particularly delicious.

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