Festival Month in Lisbon

June is party time in Lisbon. Every street corner, Praça, miradoura has something going on. It’s the feast of Saint Christopher with singing, dancing, parades going on throughout the city. The Bairro parade takes place in the 12th which has all neighborhoods participating for the ultimate prize of best presentation. Don’t plan on a quiet stay.

The Book Festival takes place around this time and is quite the event. Booths set around the Edward VIi parque near Marques de Pombal Praça. There are author presentations, lectures, food, drink, what have you. A must see if you’re there.

My friends tell me it’s cold but to me, it’s San Francisco weather…which is ideal. OK, a few sprinkles but if you carry an umbrella it won’t rain at all.

There’s something to see and experience around every corner. Lisbon is a very easy place to be… no pretensions, good espresso, international food, and friendly. Plus everyone speaks English which is good and bad. Bad for my language learning but good for getting by.

One thing not to miss is the wonderful street art on many Lisbon streets and lining the Gloria funicular. But the piece de resistance is the neighborhood of Marvila where street art decorates the apartments of this disadvantaged area.

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