Trials and Tribulations of Trios

Let this be a warning…think twice before you decide to travel in threes…or rather, think thrice. This is definitely a first world complaint but, nevertheless, it is a warning.

It makes it doubly hard when two of the three speak Italian, and two of the three speak English. Being the solo English-speaking guest of the one that speaks only Italian means you must put up with the bilingual Italian/English speaker speaking Italian 99% of the time to the Italian speaker. Hope you got that!

Anyway, decisions are made without me knowing what decision has been made. Are we leaving now? Are we going that way? Where and what are we eating? Oh, rabbit for three? Oh, you’re not having it? OK, I’m paying 1/2 instead of 1/3 now? I should leave the tip too? What are you f**king arguing about? Oh, you made up? What, you’re not going? Oh, you’re sensitive? Really? Where are you storming off to? Who has the key? where are you? Should we take a taxi? Oh, a bus? Cheaper? It’s raining…oh, it’s your umbrella?

Three days is more than enough with three people…Ben Franklin’s “fish and visitor” truism from Poor Richard’s Almanac couldn’t be more apt.

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