Ah, Italy

The year of living lazily is going well. Heading from Roma on the train to Napoli and then on the ferry to Ischia (“taking the cure” island)…one over from Capri and more “Italian” if you will. This is definitely taking it easy. Nothing to do but stroll, shop, head to the spa and dine.

This would be a place to come back to if you really need a rest. Definitely a resort town. There is a plethora of spas with volcanic hot springs throughout the island. Many are in hotels but there are two major “termes” that are unrelated to hotels. One fantastic one is #Negombo where there are 14 pools, some marine, thermal and therapeutical…and a beach with fine sand. It’s quite lovely and and costs about 35 euros for the day. Towels for rent but better to take your own, as their towels are a bit skimpy. The setting is a lovely garden and pools are placed discretely around the property. You can easily spend the day here…it’s not a health resort, BTW, as smoking seems to be de riguer here…and they have a bar. Mix of ages but many older adults. Did I mention the massages?…a full list of massage types and quite good. I’ll definitely put them on my list of “massages around the world to experience”.

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  1. Denise Fane says:

    Sounds fantastic. Wish I was there.

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