This a test – your iPhone is in the toilet; can you function on the road ?

Well it happened.  Now, I understand how you could possibly drop your phone in the toilet if you’re standing, facing it. But really, how could it happen when you’re a girly-girl and facing the other way. I will tell you.  Putting your phone in a back pocket is not a good idea, especially if it’s not a normal placement for you.  Dropping trou and forgetting that you’ve got the precious item in your back pocket is definitely a no-no. Now, what to do?  

After no more than 3 seconds, I reached down and pulled “precious” out of the water. I started drying it but there was a back cover on it which retained some of the H2O and most likely made it worse.  The flash started flashing, the phone got too hot to touch and all sorts of dying noises came from my baby. All I could think of is “can I function”? Now, what I didn’t mention is that I’m traveling and in Lisbon. Trying to function like a normal person, I continued my day and had to resort to a “real” map which luckily I had with me. 

I recalled that I had seen an apple dealer in my travels and made my way there. They directed me to an authorized repair shop who told me it would take about 5 days to get a replacement. I was very lucky in that I had brought my iPad, so at least I could communicate. I did realize that I hadn’t backed up my phone recently, so I’m unsure how much data I will lose. I immediately backed up my iPad to iCloud when I go back to my apt that day. 

So, I found out I could function without my precious. Really, you can too. Just remember to back up all your stuff  before you travel and bring two devices if at all possible. And don’t put your phone in your back pocket…EVER. I hope I’ve learned my lesson. On the bright side, I’m doing a lot more communicating to “live” peeps and reading real books, just like the olden days. It’s rather pleasant to be away from the newsfeeds for awhile. Happy travels. 

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An avid traveler, trader and terpsichorian
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