Traveling and Observing with Humor?

Airports are a microcosm of the world it seems. Frustrated travelers abound – sleepers on the floor, tired heads on folded arms, exhausted father wondering if their kid wants them to stick all the purchased food items up his culo. Kids pouting, crying, people waiting, waiting, waiting. The ubiquitous luxury shops, Starbucks, electronic shops, luggage stores…I mean who wants to purchase luggage in transit? I guess someone does.

Heading via Istanbul to Lisbon with a long layover. I recommend the TAV airport hotel that has one entrance in the international departure lounge obviating any need to head out through customs. I managed to get a good rest in a very serviceable hotel…quiet and clean. I still don't understand the fascination with Starbucks coffee especially when you can get excellent Turkish coffee…just familiar I guess.

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