Taormina and environs 

Hanging around Taormina and enjoying the sites, sounds, sun and serenity.  We had a bit of an excursion getting here via Messina. Thinking we could take a short cut off the autostrada it became apparent that a 2 hour trip would take 16 hours (according to google maps). Decided it was better to get back on the autostrada and not try to drive over Mt Etna.  We have a lovely view of the Sea in our little Airbnb. The waves are soothing and I just had a delicious meal of crostini with anchovies and cheese and seafood ravioli. Some folks living on Malta and sitting next to me said it’s the best meal they’ve had since Capri!  La de da. 

As a point of advice in visiting the town of Taormina from the shoreline is to take the cable car and to NOT 🚦drive if you can help it. The streets are narrow and they have these humongous buses traveling up and down the winding roads up the hill. The Greek Theatre is definitely something to see and the town of Taormina is lovely. 

Greek Theatre Taormina

Further up is Castlemore with its Norman ruin. Not much to see except the town and the views of Etna. Definitely DO NOT drive up here if possible. Crazy.  I didn’t want to wait for the city bus going up so paid a taxi 15 euros to head on up. Managed to take a city bus down for 1.90 euros…the way to go if you have the time. 

Heading out for some cannoli and coffee with sis now. 

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