Naples and environs

It’s amazing what one can organize in a couple of days. My travel partner had to bow out 4 days before we were to head for Italy. Although traveling solo is totally fine, it’s better if planned that way. I scrambled to see which of my buds might be able to turnaround on such short notice and to my utter amazement roped in my sis who was just returning from Costa Rica. If there’s a will there’s a way.

We flew into Rome, took the train into the Central Station (definitely the way to go). If you’re not sure of your schedule, just buy them there. Follow the yellow train signs for about a 5-10 minute walk in the terminal to the station.  No need to punch your ticket anymore at any kiosk. 

From the Central Station, which is a bit of a madhouse, it’s easy to purchase tickets to Naples where we were headed. Seems a train every 20 minutes. In Naples we headed to an Airbnb and made our first mistake by taking the metro. It’s as if your heading for the bowels of the earth as you escalate down about 4 levels. It seemed even deeper than Moscow’s metro. It’s quite cheap however….1 euro. You can skip the tourist ticket office if you have a couple of euros and an idea where you are going.  There are machines at the entrance to the particular lines. Our mistake was is we headed the wrong direction when we exited the metro causing us quite a walk with bags etc.  And we were not completely aware of the six flights of stairs at our destination.  

resting up before our six flights

Definitely don’t miss the Napoli Archaeology Museum. We enjoyed it more thoroughly after our visit to Ercolana and Pompeii. 

Always look up

Napoli Archaeology Museum view from the rear

The next day we headed to Herculaneum and Pompei. We did the touring in that order and we’re definitely happy with that decision. “Herky” was quiet, smaller and much more intimate. Also fewer tourists. Pompei had a lot of areas closed due to a major renovation they are doing. It looks to never be completed. 

herculaneum mosaic

Now in Palermo heading out for a food tour. 

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