Cirque de Soleil – one of the best traveling roadshows – was!

Cirque de Soleil has effectively replaced the circus…probably a relief for all the animal lovers out there.  They’ve been able to attract the thrill seekers and the dreamers in the past but it seems they might be slipping a little with this last installment – Totem.   Although it’s still a fantastic show, it’s lost a little of its mysticism and story-telling.  This current roadshow is supposed to be about evolution but,  except for some pretty funny sight gags, seems to have lost its way in developing the theme.  Yes, there are gollum-like creatures, apes (human) and beach bums…but where’s the evolving?  Not in the story-telling which is schizophrenic…American Indians, space creatures, juggler in a jar, briefcase-toting businessmen, speedboats, rowboats…back and forth and relationship-restricted.  I just didn’t get it!

I always liked the atmosphere that Cirque created and I feel they’ve lost their way a bit in this last installment.

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