Egyptian Hieroglyphics – would love interpretations

I just got a postcard from Egypt and have my own ideas about what it says.  Maybe you can suggest some other interpretation than the one below:

“two misshapen people have a conversation and then one of them jumps into a kayak and releases a three leaf clover into the sky, which then makes one of the people sick and he throws up.  Then he decides to get water from the Nile and have a cup of tea…which then causes him to throw up over a toilet.  Then  back to the kayak, where one of them is approached by three crocodiles (the original species…not the ones from sub-saharan Africa). Then one of the people take an empty bowl and makes rabbit stew and also adds a handle to the bowl.  Since Christmas is coming soon, an un-striped candy cane is thrown into the Nile and is eaten by a piranha.  Now back on land, the people decide to rest in their tent and have a cup of tea.  One of them lays down, which causes the other one to get excited and uh..uh..uhmmm – let’s talk about the upcoming holiday and candy canes.”

Makes sense, yes?

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