Kathleen Goes to Nepal (2000)

This is crazy but it’s been 20 years since I traveled with my sister (Kathleen…see above heading) to Nepal. Looking over the photos from that trip it seems I wasn’t really there. The only proof is one picture that I guess K took of me (not included). So, really, it was Kathleen’s trip and she’s in the foreground of many a photo. It appears as if she had a good time.

I recommend Nepal to anyone who has a chance to go. We were on a National Geographic trip with about 20 people which started in Kathmandu. We hiked through a myriad of small villages, rafted along a river to a Gurkha lodge, flew to Annapurna and visited a school. At the end of the trip we made our way to Tiger Tops where we rode (and bathed) elephants. I guess riding on elephants is a bit frowned on now but it sure was fun.

Enjoy the show.

Mount Everest

Beating the bush on our way to camp
Looking for Tiger King
Our Luggage Carrier
Yes, this is Kathmandu…B.C.V. I wonder if it’s cleared up now?
Just to end on a higher note.

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