On the Road…to Zanzibar & the Seychelles (continued)

Well, with everyone holed up in their abodes it seems like a good idea to catch up on my PAST traveling updates.  I left off in Zanzibar in February getting ready to board our vessel to the Seychelles.  So, here’s a few updates from Zanzibar.

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Now headed on to the ship for our two week travels through the Seychelles, including Aldabra Atoll.  There were of course welcome and farewell dinners, daily snorkeling or diving, daily cocktails, daily tea, lectures, and lots of time to relax, swim and read.

The ship was lovely…not a lot of complaints from me.  I do think people in a double room would be a little worried about space and moving around.  But the ship was well laid out and was carrying about 90 of us, which was bearable.  There were all ages on the boat and seemingly a bit younger than the normal Zegrahm travelers.  I’m probably just saying that because I’m older.  Anyway, everyone seemed to be major travelers and non-complainers which was refreshing.  Definitely a good group, with minor exceptions…see photo above 😉

The highlight of the trip for me was, besides Zanzibar, the snorkeling at Aldabra Atoll and Astove Atoll.  Definitely the best snorkeling I’ve done.  The water was unbelievebly clear at Astove Atoll and I do believe I saw every species of fish there ever was.  OK…well a lot anyway.

At Aldabra we were dropped off at the inlet to the lagoon and, with the tide, we were swept in effortlessly as the creatures and formations flowed cinematically below.  Once slowed down at the lagoon, the zodiacs whisked us back to the beginning for a repeat.  So much fun!!

We also visited Assumption Island, Cosmoledo Atoll, the Alphonse Island Group, Poivre Atoll, Desroches, La Digue (my beach favorite), and finally Mahe to head home.



Aldabra Atoll


Citizen of Aldabra Atoll



Coconut crab sans coconut

And finally, the end of our trip at Mahe.


Mahe Center



Fish Market in case you can’t guess


Cinnamon tree…no climbing


As always, I’m happy to get home.  It seems it will be a bit of time before I’m (anyone is) on the road again.  So, happy virtual travels to all.

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    That was a really good shot of the crab!!! 🦀

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