Chelsea Flower Show

Headed to England to attend the world famous Chelsea Flower Show…very exclusive and posh…or so I thought. It seems everyone and their mother was there and entry was “scan the code”. I’m sure there were a few duplicates…but what the hey. It was a very lively crowd and selling booths abound. Selling everything from plants (Wow!) to jewelry and clothing. I guess that’s all garden related?? Also, lots of beer and wine and your usual assortment of fat food…I mean fast food was available. People sitting on curbs drinking their beer, chatting each other up and generally enjoying themselves. An unexpected, down home sort of feeling. We also had the fortune of excellent weather.


Drogon, now I see where you went



Designer Crowns???



Well, hi there Andrew.

img_0197I’m on my breakimg_0219


The Gold Medal for Designer Gardens

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  1. Kathleen Meistrell says:

    Go mouse!

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