Morocco memories

Just returned from Morocco on a small group tour (8 peeps and my favored way to travel if not alone). I met my travel buddy Andrew in Tangier for a couple of days, prior to joining the group. We stayed in a 3-story airbnb in the Médina with steep stairs between floor and a wonderful balcony and viewand hired a young man with a very modern doo and wonderful English to show us around

Yes, boys jumping over the fence.

to show us around the souk. I have to insert some souk pictures here and indulge my passion for original doors…and awful (offal) animal pics.

Artistry at work

Well, not actually a door…

I had flown into Tangier from Lisbon and Andrew met me at the airport having arrived from Casablanca and driven north to Tangier. We found a great little breakfast place suggested by our guide and a couple of good restaurants…one serving Italian food and the other Moroccan fare.

Next to our breakfast place

View from the Italian restaurant

Doubtful movies are still being shown

There’s also a cool museum in the Médina that our guide directed us to.

An antique map that’s “upside down”

Heading off to Casablanca to join our group. Tangier was definitely worth the detour.

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