Who knew…?

When I thought of Scotland my reveries turned to the Highlands and kilts, bagpipes, rolling hills, misty mountains. Little did I consider food. Well…myohmy was I mistaken. I’m sitting here at the Cross in Kingussie, a sleepy village north of Edinburgh having just finished an amazing repast.

This is what I would say is my 4th gourmet meal in my 10 days (so far) in Scotland. You could definitely do a food tour here. No pics of Scorrybreac in Portree (Isle of Skye) where I had the most delicious venison…maybe I mentioned that in another post. Also, an excellent Sea Bream in Inverness at Mustard Seed…doesn’t photograph well. 😉

1) the restaurant Old Spean Bridge

Leg of lambikins

2) Captains Galley in Thurso

Shellfish cooked to perfection

3) the Cross in Kingussie

Scotland beef

On another note is the weather. Now, everyone says this is highly unusual. Since I’ve been in Scotland I’ve had 65-75 degree weather. No rain to speak of. I had to buy cooler 😎 clothes including shorts just to survive.

My tour is coming to an end. Just three more nights and I’m moving south.

A side note: Do people have to partner with someone dummer to make them feel important? It’s not the Jet Stream that makes it warmer, it’s the Gulf Stream…darling. Or is it that the partner just shuts up and lets them feel superior and in control?

Accepting wagers.

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