Trains buses and footsies

Sitting on the train (yes, train) from Skye to Inverness. I had no idea there was a bridge and that it was so close to the “mainland.”

I arrived from the south via a ferry crossing and leaving to the east in the 2 car train. Whew! They just turned on the a/c. Not a beautiful station on the Skye side but adequate.

Skye weather was amazing and highly unusual. I recommend packing lightly for summer AND fall. This is June/July and the weather can change in a blink. I also recommend skipping Skye if you’re not a hiker and not interested in geology at all. But if you insist, the scenery is amazing and you can tour the island via a local bus day pass which allows one to stop wherever you will.

OK, maybe for some…not so exciting.

The buses don’t run all that often, and the last bus back is pretty early, so beware.

I did one stop at Old Man of Storr which is a geologic formation and quite impressive. You can also climb, at a 45 degree angle, up to the top. Why not, she said? It’s only 1 1/2 kms. I took the more circuitous route thinking I’d be rested for the last bit at about 60 degrees. Ha!

Not a chance. Once I had spent myself on the lower section I told myself “you don’t need to do this”. This time I actually listened to myself. Took a couple of pics and headed down which was a bit more treacherous then going up since I headed down the scree path.

I then continued around the peninsula on the local bus for more eye-candy scenery.

Recommended place to eat is Scorrybreac in Porter, Skye. Best meal I’ve had in Scotland. Not usually a venison lover, it was wonderful. I had to ask if it wasn’t filet mignon they were passing off. Also had pigeon for starter (uh, you know, squab) which was delicious as well. Great wine list and detailed information from the sommelier/owner.

Continuing on my train ride. I’ll be in Inverness shortly…2+ hours with all the local stops.

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  1. Denise Fane says:

    Sounds lovely to me. Except the hike part

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