YoLL – Homeless (in a good way)

Timeline: May 11 – May 12

Continuing the saga of a Year of Living Lazily (YoLL), I’ve made my way to Barcelona where I’m to meet up with my buddy Mary who has managed to use her “old” travel benefits from the airline and get us a berth on the Seabourne Odyssey for a “7-DAY Romantic Riviera Cruise”.

Now mind you, we are not romantically involved, but what the hey! We do act like an old married couple. Not to say we’re old, of course…just putting on an act. We have a lot of fun criticizing each other and, as it turns out, everyone we see on the cruise. Lots of laughs ensuing. I say, “let’s go this way”…and she says “no, let’s go this other way”. Somehow or other it works out. (I usually give in, but don’t ask her because she’ll disagree.)

Barcelona entertained us with good food, our stay in the Gòtic center (read “old”), and getting lost several times. The Picasso Museum was worthwhile as was the visit to the Gaudi (gaudy) designed house.

You looking at Me?Yes, those are fishing poles with diamond ring bait…theme obviously is LOVE We had good luck with the weather and, other than the 5’10” ceilings at our airbnb, causing a few banged heads, the stay was a success.

Now after a night of sailing, we’re docked in Mahon on the Isle of Minorca. Such a sweet town with a wonderful fish market, the usual churches, and houses built into the rock. There’s a gin factory just down the road from the port where you can sample about 26 “species” of gin. I have hope of giving it a try before we leave…but will need a porter to return me to the ship.

Heading off to Palamos tonight….our last stop in Spain.

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2 Responses to YoLL – Homeless (in a good way)

  1. Andrew says:

    “I usually give in….”

    Sorry to hear the Alzheimer’s is kicking in, or is this just garden variety delusion?

    Lovely pics…don’t you love the Barcelona public food market?

    • micetrail says:

      Ha ha…we’ve only had a couple of snits so far…when I didn’t give in. Yes loved Barcelona. Now in Rome at Mario’s for a bit and the 3 of us off to Ischia. Then to Lisbon for me to wrestle with a broken toilet seat and a stench in the bathroom…probably have to tear out a wall or some such. Heading to Mallorca on June 12 for a week at Doreen and Pepe’s. Then I don’t know what. Thought about Scotland/Wales. Any more on your bday in France ?.

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