First stop on my year’s long journey: Carmel Valley. A rustic cabin along the Carmel River (stream) and very quiet. It was quite a winding road of 22 miles and 45 minutes from Carmel where I just had to stop for a wine tasting. It made the road trip a little more exciting.

It’s extremely quiet here and Marcia, my Airbnb host, was lovely. She has 3 small cabins available but tonight it’s just me. Not a damn thing to do except light the wood stove, walk down to the river and read…and drink more wine 🍷.

No 📺 but WiFi, so I’m not out of the loop totally and unfortunately.

Next stop, Arroyo Grande, then back North to Monterey. After that I’ll be heading to Europe where I hope to spend the rest of the year. Who knows? I’ve just got my carpetbag and heading for parts unknown. Fulfilling a wish.

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An avid traveler, trader and terpsichorian
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