Portuguese Paradise

Well I have to say, Portugal is as inviting as I remember. I’m finding it a very easy place to be and haven’t had to listen to the daily harangue of “who shall not be named” in the press. I came here to see if this is a place to survive for the next four years and yes, I believe it is. I’ll be heading out tomorrow with Nuno, my real estate agent, to check out some places. We (Jano and I) have been to the south and stayed in Tavira which we liked as a town. However the region of the Algarve where many of the expats have homes, was a little too Miami Beach for my liking. Expats are mainly English and German. If you want to live on the beach and bake this would be an ideal place. 

The only place to stay in the Algarve (in my opinion)

The next stop was Porto, north of Lisbon and a little too long of a drive from Tavira. Of course we took national roads instead of the auto-estrada and several side trips where we got lost and went around in circles a couple of times.  The national roads are much more pleasant and you can get a good feel for the countryside but you do have to allow for the time.  

A huge collection of all types of cameras and equipment at the Photography Museum, housed in a former prison

Next stop was Lisbon and from my “very long ago” memories, it doesn’t disappoint.  We’ve still got a couple more weeks here but already I feel at home.  Everyone is  generous and relaxed. Tomorrow is my first house-hunting day. Wish me luck. 

The main square just as I remembered

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2 Responses to Portuguese Paradise

  1. Denise Fane says:

    Looks wonderful. Really picturesque and peaceful. Hope you can find something promising.

  2. Denise Fane says:

    So,how was the househunting? Call on Whatsap or Skype.

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