Travel travails

It is said that if you plan to be a traveler you “need” to make the actual traveling part of the adventure.  Well, honestly, I’m trying really, really hard. Every flight where a short connection is required is on time…and every flight where one has plenty of time seems to be always delayed. OK, how do you put a positive spin on that?

Well, I had the opportunity to walk from gate A20 to Z20 thereby getting to see the entire Frankfurt airport. (OK, it doesn’t go through the entire alphabet). I had the opportunity to order a mocha at a little coffee bar opposite the gate for an exchange rate of about 2 to 1 when it should be 2 to 1.75. Then I had to add my own cocoa. See how adventurous??

I also get the opportunity of sitting in a middle seat for a 11 hour flight. Should be great. Maybe I’ll be able to strike up some fabulous conversations with my seat partners. Or maybe slobber on them as my head lolls side to side in a state of torpor. 

OK, I did get to see Budapest, which I love, and sites in Romania including Dracula’s castle, and a medieval village in Bulgaria, some fantastic horsemanship (poor deaf horses),

Also Istanbul was great and never gets old and I was able to enjoy an authentic Turkish Hamman (bath). Then there was divine Capadoccia with the cave churches, balloons over the landscape, whirling dervishes and more.  

And then the crazy trip to Iran via an Iranian train and buses…Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz (unfortunately no wine), divine Persepolis, and Yazd…known to be one of the oldest cities in the world. Also “home” to Zorastorarians. 

Well that helps!  No more complaining!  I’m a lucky girl and plan to keep on traveling. 

Stay tuned. 

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An avid traveler, trader and terpsichorian
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