And so it starts Budapest to Tehran

imageHotel in Budapest

Sitting at the airport waiting for my flight via Frankfurt. Lots of issues in Budapest with the migrant situation.   The tour plans via GeoEx and the Golden Eagle keep changing with the situation in southeast Turkey. It seems they’ve closed the tracks beyond Lake Van.  I keep getting various reports of sending a train from Moscow and having us fly from Istanbul to Eastern Iran but the “bogies” may not be the right size. So now what?  Perhaps flying us around Iran?  Plans are being adjusted by the hour. Glad I didn’t try to arrange this myself.  Andrew is currently enjoying himself already after his hairaising journey yesterday. Mechanical issues, flight delayed 2 hours but managed to make up 1 hour in flight in time for his connection. I have to say I’m glad I wasn’t with him. Not sure I could take the pressure.   Here’s where I meet up with him.

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