Wouldn’t it be funny to see cops pulling over unmanned (or wommaned) vehicles?

Sometimes I get into crazy exchanges with some of my more “out there” friends…sorry Paul D. I thought this exchange deserved a place on my blog…it started with stories of electric cars…here you go.

D: Wouldn’t that be funny to see cops pulling over unmanned (or wommaned) vehicles?

P:Ha, Ha, Yes! Dressed up a little, that would make a great Alfred Hitchcock Hour. What if
the cop falls in love with the vehicle’s voice (somehow) and decides he has to meet the driver.  He reasons he can pull “her” over on the pretext of exceeding the speed limit. He does so, and…
what a disappointment!!! Also, this could turn out to be a new form of speed dating (if you’re really desperate). After all, a lot of guys are in love with their cars, right?

Or how about this: steal an unmanned (or un-womanned) vehicle and pre-program it to be
your bank-robbery getaway car. Then, after you’ve gotten away (presumably) from the heist, you drive to a secluded freeway underpass and destroy the vehicle’s microprocessors with a tiny thermite bomb (or maybe [if you can manage it] with an immensely strong electro-magnetic pulse). That way, you don’t have to shoot your getaway man (or, woman, boo hoo hoo) through the head to keep him/her from ratting you out; much cleaner, and no
murder charge to boot (unless they declare robotic vehicles to be “persons”; hope not).

Just a thought. – Paul D.

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