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I’m back from Madagascar recently and suggest that unless it’s #100 or above on your bucket list, then give it a pass.  One of the most primitive places I’ve been.  Not for the luxury traveler or for the whining traveler but, if you want something in the “outahere” category, this is it.  Fabulous lemurs leaping, sleeping, eating and pooping down your back.  Lemurs in “torpor”, babies hanging on for dear life on their mothers, big-eyed lemurs, 4 foot tall lemurs, teacup mouse lemurs…all pretty wondrous.  Don’t pass up the baobabs on the Mozambique channel nor the fabulous tsingy…amazing spires and mazes of needle-sharp rock formed over eons of the sea rolling in and out.  Accommodations range from 2 mattresses in a tent to thatch-covered bungalos to high-ceiling’ed well-appointed rooms with 2 baths.   Roads are atrocious and dusty.  Be prepared for discomfort and long drives over deep rutts.  And don’t fret the schedule – after all it is Madagascar.

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  1. Andrew says:

    I resent the implication that some people may have been worrying about the schedule

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